Waterloo Region

Bring Your Game to Waterloo Region – where sports are celebrated, and planning your event with our experienced Sport Hosting Office will make you cheer!

A perfect blend of vibrant city centres and scenic rural spaces, Waterloo Region is the ideal destination to host sport tournaments and events of all sizes.

Medicine Hat

From action-packed sporting events to live entertainment and festivals, Medicine Hat is known to support stimulating events. Over the years, families and friends have cheered until their heart’s content and completely lived in the moment!


Can you imagine competing in the championship game surrounded by mountains and lakes in one of Canada’s top travel destinations? Named Canada’s number 1 mid-size city for sport hosting in 2019 and 2020, Kelowna is a vibrant city renowned for its welcoming hospitality, stunning landscape, and first-rate sporting venues.

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is a region of choice to host high–caliber sport, recreation, and cultural events. With world–class facilities, major airline and public transportation services, more than 3,000 hotel rooms, and plenty of dining and shopping, Grande Prairie is a premier destination for many events.  


Ottawa is one of the world’s greatest capital cities, fully equipped with a wide range of facilities and perfectly positioned to stage provincial, national and international events, making it an excellent host of sporting events. In 2017, Ottawa was named Destination of the Year by Sport Tourism Canada. 


Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo is home to truly world-class sporting venues, with a community of volunteers that can do it all. MacDonald Island Park is one of the largest sporting venues in Canada, with the ability to host hockey, curling, swimming, court sports, badminton, football, baseball, and more, all under one roof.


You can’t describe Edmonton without mentioning sport, it’s simply in their DNA. Edmonton’s history has been defined by sporting legacies. Whether it be the success of the historic world champion women’s basketball team, the Wayne Gretzky-led years of the Edmonton Oilers, or the hosting of major championships, Edmonton has always celebrated sports.  


Laval is an exceptional destination! Why? Laval has a wide range of facilities to welcome sports events of all types. In fact, Laval is a sought-after destination to host large-scale events thanks to its high-end multidisciplinary sports.  


Let your athletes experience the joy of polar bears swimming overhead at the Journey to Churchill while exploring after their championship. Be inspired to make a difference at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights; journey from prehistory to the present at the Manitoba Museum.


As Canada’s 6th largest city, Mississauga is in a class all its own—cutting-edge facilities offer big-city appeal, while lush green spaces, exciting attractions and diverse villages and neighbourhoods give groups plenty of options for meeting and teambuilding fun.


Did you know that Québec City is Canada’s second-best sport city? Its sports services and installations are synonymous with expertise and hospitality. It’s easy to understand why the city regularly hosts championships, world cup events, and other sporting competitions and conventions. 


From hosting the first-ever Commonwealth Games in 1930 to the 2003 World Cycling Championships watched by 500 million viewers worldwide, to last year’s 108th Grey Cup – Hamilton’s sports roots run deep.  Here are seven reasons to look forward to hosting your next event in Hamilton.  


Vaughan is well-equipped with fields and facilities for a wide range of athletic and competitive gatherings, having hosted  regional, national and international events, including the 2020 Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour and the 2016 Canada Soccer Sport Chek National Championships U-18 Cup. 


Charlottetown has a reputation as a successful sport hosting destination. This reputation is the result of a level of experience that can only be gained from hosting as many regional, national, and international events as Charlottetown has. Our experience as a multi-national award-winning sport tourism destination shines through with every event. 

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