Economic Impact Analysis

Do you want to know the local economic impact of hosting events?

As an event organizer, venue, or host city,
EI data will help you to:

Explain why your community should invest in bidding or hosting events.

Build a proper business case and gain support for hosting a future event.

Advocate effectively for business development and new facilities.

Demonstrate the value of your event property to destinations, sponsors funders.

Our Data is:

Credible 👍

Today’s decision-makers need credible data when assessing funding requests. This is critical information for municipal, provincial, and federal government funding applications, grants, and all types of private sector financial support.


    Our tools allow you to predict the economic impact of hosting a particular event in a specific location in Canada. This data is gathered by Statistics Canada visitor expenditure profiles with spending data collected at over 500 sport events across the country!

      Our Tools & Services: How do we help?

      STC offers tools & services to help you measure:

      1. the spending of out-of-town visitors while they attend the event;
      2. the expenditures of the event organizers in producing the event;
      3. capital construction costs that are directly attributed to hosting the event.


      Free members self-serve tool

      À la carte option (STC validated)

      $3000 CAD +taxes for à la carte

      Sport Tourism Economic Impact Assessment Model (STEAM) – a tool that helps event organizers to predict the economic impact of hosting a particular sport event in a specific location in Canada

      Consulting services

      À la carte

      Quoted by event 

      Sport Tourism Economic Impact Assessment Pro Model (STEAM PRO) – an in-depth and technical analysis that allows event organizers to measure the actual economic impact of a sport event that was held in a specific location in Canada

      Consulting services

      À la carte

      Quoted by event 

      FEST PRO – an an in-depth and technical analysis that allows event organizers to measure the actual economic impact of a festival, concert, fair, exhibition or any other non-sport event that was held in a specific location in Canada

      STEAM 2.0 (Online / Self-Serve or À la carte)

      Are you looking for a tool that helps you analyze event data and predicts the economic impact of hosting a particular event in a specific location in Canada?

      Our STEAM2.0 model uses standardized visitor expenditure profiles that have been developed using primary data (30,000 event-related surveys), which is then supplemented with the latest data from Statistics Canada. This spending estimate is then combined with capital and operations expenditures to produce an overall estimate of the expenditures associated with the event, which is then entered into the economic impact assessment component of the model to produce the predicted economic impact.

      How it Works: Self-Serve – 3 Steps

      Step 1: Login to the members-only portal
      Step 2: Input budgetary data, participant and spectator demographics and other information typically contained in the event’s business plan
      Step 3: Our model analyzes the data and predicts the expected economic impact 

      How it Works: À la carte* – 3 Steps

      Step 1: Get in touch! Email
      Step 2: We connect you with one of our EI Consultants
      Step 3: Our EI Consultant produces an official report that is validated by the STC

      *There is a $3000 CAD consulting fee (+applicable taxes) associated with this option.


      Member cost: Free of charge and accessible through the online member portal as a self-serve tool

      Training is periodically offered via webinar or in-person at Sport Events Congress annually. A User Guide is also available on-line. For technical support, questions or resets of user passwords and logins, contact our Membership Services department at

      Non-Member cost (or Members who wish to hire an STC EI Consultant to generate an accurate and realistic STEAM2.0 prediction for their event): $3000 CAD per event + applicable taxes. Contact us at to book a consultant.

      *Please note that access to STEAM2.0 is provided exclusively to STC members for non-commercial, predictive/pre-event purposes only. Use of the model for commercial, post-event analysis purposes is strictly prohibited. For post-event analysis, STEAM PRO2.0 has been created for this purpose.

      ACCESS Steam 2.0


      Log in and access the STEAM 2.0 self-serve tool.


      Sign up today, or get in touch to hire the STC EI Team. 

      STEAM PRO 2.0 & FEST PRO

      • STEAM PRO 2.0: Economic Impact service for sport events
      • FEST PRO: Economic Impact service for festivals, fairs, exhibitions and concerts

      Work directly with our team of knowledgeable consultants to collect and analyze actual spending data. We offer assessments for all types of events – from music festivals to softball tournaments to marathons to parades – we can measure it all!

      Each assessment offered is customized based on the type of event and location. Primary data is collected from event attendees and analyzed by an STC Economic Impact Consultant to provide more in-depth and technical analysis. 

      How it Works – 3 Steps

      Step 1: Spectator Surveys

      Our onsite surveyors use tablets to collect data from event attendees, asking a variety of questions via face-to-face intercept surveys conducted live onsite at the event and/or via a follow-up post-event email survey. This allows us to create a spending profile of your event attendees, volunteers, media, sponsors, etc. We find out where and how much your event attendees are spending while in town, where they’re staying, and their place of origin. We can also include additional questions on the survey related to market research, event awareness and satisfaction, civic pride, awareness of event sponsors, and more.

      Some of the questions asked in the surveys:

      • How far did you travel to attend this event? 
      • How many people are in your group? 
      • How many nights are you staying? Where did you stay? 
      • How much are you spending on food, entertainment, gas, shopping, etc.? 
      • Have you attended this event in the past?

      ARTICLE: Wonder what it’s like to be a surveyor on the ground collecting data at an event?

      Step 2: Tabulating the Results

      Our economic impact consultants review and clean the data before running the data through the model and tabulating the results.

      Step 3: Analysis & Reporting

      Visitor spending is then combined with capital and event operational expenditures to produce an overall determination of the expenditures associated with the event. When all of this data and information is combined, STC produces a detailed report that provides clients with an economic impact assessment in terms of total output, GDP, jobs, employment and taxes. The model contains 100% Canadian data and directly reflects what took place at your event in your community.

      Service Fees

      Pricing for a study varies based on scope of work and the type of event.

      STEAM PRO2.0 Brochure + Rate Card

      FEST PRO Brochure + Rate Card

      Submit a request for a quote on your project:



      STC has assembled a group of Canadian event researchers and economic impact consultants who conduct EI assessments for both sport and non-sport events in Canada.

      Krista Benoit

      Krista Benoit

      Project Manager, Economic Impact

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      Krista manages STC’s EI program, is responsible for sales & marketing, and conducts discovery calls with potential clients to provide more information about how an EI study using either STEAM2.0, STEAM PRO2.0 or FEST PRO can help event organizers and destinations collect event research and measure the impact of your event.

      Derek Mager

      Derek Mager

      Economic Impact Consultant

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      Derek has a long history in supporting STC with research services in both Canada and abroad. Based in Vancouver, Derek conducts EI assessments using all three of STC’s tools and also provides research add-ons for our clients, including measuring social impacts and sponsorship.

      Tom McGuire

      Tom McGuire

      Economic Impact Consultant

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      Based in Halifax, and with more than 20 years of experience in economic impact analysis and survey-based research, Tom is STC’s east coast based EI Consultant

      Marc St. Pierre

      Marc St. Pierre

      Coordinator, Data Collection

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      Marc is a sport tourism industry professional whose experience ranges from event logistics to sport marketing. He has worked onsite at many sporting events and led teams collecting survey data for economic impact studies. He works closely with the EI project team to help coordinate on-site training, surveyor recruitment and logistics to gather the data analyzed by the Economic Impact Consultants.

      Marc graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Sports Management with Scholar’s Electives distinction.


      STC is the most experienced and knowledgeable onsite economic impact service provider in Canada. Since 2002, we’ve conducted over 500 EI assessments from small-town hockey to big city multisport and international events.