During Sport Tourism Canada’s 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held in Winnipeg, MB on March 13, the 2024-25 Board of Directors was installed.  STC is pleased to announce the appointment of the following Directors:

  • Allyson Tonelli, BPE Hospitality – Chair of the Board
  • Janet Guthrie, City of Leduc – Vice Chair of the Board
  • Zanth Jarvis, Tourism London – Treasurer
  • Kathleen Trainor, Tourism Barrie – Secretary
  • Carson Ackroyd, Tourism Calgary
  • Cindy Medynski, Explore Edmonton
  • Colby Pridham, Events East
  • Kevin Eshkawkogan, Indigenous Tourism Ontario
  • Linden Leung, Volleyball Canada
  • Lori Talling, Region of Durham
  • Michelle Collens, Sport Hosting Vancouver
  • Nolan Thiessen, Curling Canada
  • Pam Lacroix, Richmond Sport Hosting
  • Scott Pritchard, PGA Tour Americas


About Sport Tourism Canada 

Sport Tourism Canada is a non-governmental, member-based, capacity-building organization that promotes sport tourism as a grassroots economic development initiative at the community level. STC services over 400 members across Canada, including 130 municipalities, 200 national and provincial sport, multi-sport and major games organizations and a variety of other sport and tourism industry partners. Sport tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry in Canada with over $7.4billion in annual spending by domestic and international visitors.