Can you imagine a Canada WITHOUT sport tourism? Nope. We can’t either. 

If you care about sport hosting and would like to join us in spreading the word about this $7.4 billion segment of the tourism industry in Canada, we invite you to send us a video telling us what Canada would look like without sport tourism. 

We’re crowdsourcing your thoughts so that we can bring sport tourism to the forefront. We want to shine a spotlight on everything sport can do to help Canada’s economic recovery and are seeking engagement from everyone in the sport ecosystem. This is our chance to tell our collective story to decision-makers about the future of sport hosting in Canada! 

Submitting a video is easy: 

  1. Film yourself on a phone or tablet (or ask a colleague for help) talking about your opinion on what Canada would look like without sport tourism. 
  2. At the start of the video, state your name and your organization and keep your video to under 1 minute. 
  3. Submit the video by email to: before 5 pm ET on Wednesday, March 9th. 


Tips to help you record a good video:

  • Turn your phone to tablet horizontal (landscape orientation, not portrait – think YouTube, not TikTok). 
  • Record your video in a bright and quiet location. 
  • Film inside a sports venue or outside to have a nice backdrop. 
  • Frame the video and keep a steady hand. 
  • Be creative. 

We look forward to receiving your video submissions and sharing them to promote the value of sport tourism. Let’s inspire now so that we can aspire to a brighter future. Will you help us?