What makes Montréal a top sport event destination


Montréal is a giant playground

Montréal is a vibrant, festive, dynamic city—you can practically feel every neighbourhood reverberating with cosmopolitan energy. With a spellbinding array of annual festivals, a thriving foodie culture and an enviable artistic scene, Montréal – named a UNESCO City of Design – is a living work of art. Sports events in Montréal often integrate DJs, concerts, fashion and murals, giving them a unique cultural spin.

Our experience is second to none

A major sports city, Montréal offers a considerable advantage when it comes to accommodating all types of sporting events: our experienced organizers, clubs and federations know competitive sports inside-out, and we are home to qualified coaches, officials and top-level athletes to make sure your participants are welcomed as VIPs. Our sports expertise is complemented by excellent organizational, technical, and hosting services with a demonstrated track record of attracting large-scale national and international sporting events.

Our facilities are first-class

Montréal’s Olympics legacy is still going strong. In fact, Montréal’s Olympic Park venues are still hosting world-class sporting events over 40 years later.  The city’s numerous installations also include specialized sport-specific sites, with something for every discipline and every level of competition. No matter how large or small your event, we can help you find a winning venue your participants will love.

We’re all about teamwork

Backed by the confidence, will, and involvement of a wide variety of collaborative stakeholders—such as sports federations, athletes, officials, event promoters, and government authorities— Montréal is known worldwide as a prime destination for sports events of all sizes.

Sports are in our DNA

Montréal is a Canadian city with a proud sports heritage. Montréal was the first metropolis outside of the USA to have a major league baseball team. We are also home to the most historic team in the  NHL — go Habs! The only Summer Olympic city in Canada, Montréal is also home to the World Anti-Doping Agency and a Canadian Olympic Committee office. Many national sport organizations are headquartered here, along with the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec). Montréal’s position as an Olympic hub and a leading sports-oriented metropolis helps attract international media attention for the events hosted here.

The city of Montréal is making sustainability a reality

From electrifying transport to promoting urban agriculture, Montréal is enacting policies and initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help create a safe, resilient, inclusive and sustainable city. Event organizers now prioritize a low-impact approach—notably, the Montréal International Marathon recently joined forces with environmental protection partners to better connect sustainability practices with the world of sport.

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