October 6th has been designated as Green Sports Day. Started seven years ago by the Green Sports Alliance, Canada’s focus this year is on launching a national conversation about sustainable sport.

The goals of the Canadian organization greensportsverts.ca are to:

  1. Accelerate a conversation on sustainable sport and climate action.
  2. Educate the Canadian sports community on best practices for sustainable sport.
  3. Celebrate the work being done to ‘green’ the sports sector in Canada.

Canada has a strong legacy of hosting sustainable events, and Sport Tourism Canada (STC) encourages our industry to incorporate plans for climate action into current and future sport events.

Support green sport initiatives by:

Resources & Information 
Since 2013, STC has supported sustainable event development including developing a tool for use by members, and incorporating sustainable practices into Sport Events Congress (SEC). We also created an award category as part of the PRESTIGE Awards, and joined the Sport for Climate Action Framework.

More info on these initiatives can be found here.

Green Sports Day visual assets (logos, images) for promotion

Social media suggested posts for promoting Green Sports Day and celebrating alongside the rest of the Canadian sports community.

Another good source of resource material is the Sport Ecology Group.

Reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring future generations of athletes have reliable weather conditions to compete is definitely a team sport!